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Until the iconic food guru herself finally gets around the publishing her memoirs and , come on , everyone knows she is more regards as Director at TASTE inc. Asia and Co-founder of Chim after her Master Degree graduation from Cass Business School, London UK with Honors and more than 15 years experience in food media and business, more people wanting to know more about her life turns to be an entrepreneur and Food marketing Agency specialized on communication strategy for food business. Through a series of interviews and her strong network among chefs, food guru and influencers, she is now setting up a platform to present Thai food to the world under the name as an Artisan Market Place for Thai Food Fanatics


Food Editor

A charming young food lover with an irresistible smile, a friendly manner and an unwavering desire to seek out street food in every busy market and hidden alley and immerse herself in the varied local cuisine being cooked up in kitchens right across the nation. If they are serving it somewhere in Thailand, then June has certainly tried it.


Editor Fine Dining & Travel

A petite girl with a huge hunger for travel, Mind spends her time seeking out delicious Thai eateries and chic cafes, and her love for all things coffee is legendary. Mind is also a massive fan of design and accessible lifestyle options.



Noi has been giving our articles the strictest quality control right from the days when we were a printed magazine, through to our first forays in the online world and right up to the present day. An invaluable team member, Noi has supported us every step of the way.



The brains behind the operation, Kae’s lightning-quick calculations and organizational prowess keeps the team on schedule. It’s also a little known fact that she’s a bit of a whizz in the kitchen.



Black graduated in Food Science but ended up behind the lens, after choosing to follow his deepest passion. His background has not been wasted though and he has spent years seeking out the best restaurants the width and breadth of the country, happily snapping and tasting as he goes.

Intouch Tatsoongnern (Jean)

Graphic designer

An effortlessly cool graphic designer who just loves life in the are food, keeping up with current affairs, art and of course, travel

Peerarat Thaingamsil (Bright)


Professional videographer who love and enjoy experimenting with various photography techniques and enthusiastic in learning and discovering new things always around


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