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Managing Celebrity Chef Booking


From our great networking among food people network we have the best celebrity chefs on hands for you to match with your required event or as corporate entertainment including Cooking Workshop, Fine dining experience, Corporate promotion. We offer a food guru, professional experts in food business, Chef & Celebrity Chef.


  • Cooking / Food Design Work shop
  • Brand Endorsement
  • Event Hosts
  • Guest Judge
  • Chef Table
  • Private Dining Experience
  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building
  • Guest Speaker in a field of Food




Specialized in Food Event and Festival


Food Event is unique and different style from other events including require an deep knowledge about kitchen, operation, cooking, Chef and foodie behaviour. Are you having trouble of finding the team who are truly understand this business as the fantastic event brings the brand experience for clients. With more than 10 years’ experience in food event organizer worldwide, we have been organizing food events in all scales for both public and private sector including the new launching creative concept idea with the great successful results.


  • Food Festival
  • Food Events
  • Food roadshow
  • Food Exhibitions
  • Food Competition
  • Gala Dinner
  • Food Design and Cooking workshop
  • Marketing and PR on food business


TASTE Inc.Asia Co.,Ltd  is owned and managed by Irin Rerksasarn based in Bangkok, a well-known for world-class level food event management skills supported by specialized team customized your requirement in every particular detail.



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Leading Creative Menu Design and Photo Shooting


TASTE Inc Asia Co.,Ltd in collaboration with Nick Pitt , formally knowned as Royalebrat with 100K+ followers on Instagram. We offer food design service with our 10 years experience in the field. We assist the industry the best innovative design customized and commercialize to the brand. The Skills collectively offer worldwide for restaurant and hospitality business. Our continued successes comes from professional recommendations and Nick performance created by his own.


We keen to serve you ;

  • Food Design for photography
  • Menu Design for restaurant
  • Food Photography
  • Food Design Workshop






Where food meets art …

Started out serious cooking & plating back 5 years ago. Learning new techniques from other chefs, books, google, youtube, and experiment. Discovered unique vibrant style of plating with innovative technique from Instagram, medias and clients from Thailand and across the globe discovered him through the social channel


Instagram : Royalbrat


  • Food designer
  • Restaurant and Manu consultant
  • Menu Development
  • Menu presentation enhancement
  • Workshop & Food Events
  • Cooking & Plating Demonstration
  • Food & Prop stylist
  • Social media influencer
  • Part-time instructure




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